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Summer Intersession

Summer IntersessionCPY’s Summer Intersession is a five-week program that takes place during summer vacation.  Unlike our Afterschool Mentor/Tutor Program it takes place at one site and children enrolled attend the program all-day.  This allows our staff to foster an even deeper relationship with the children, helping them to become positive role models.

The goal for Summer Intersession is still the same; CPY aims to provide a supportive, structured, creative environment for children to learn and grow.  The summer program however, allows for a greater depth and variety in which the staff are able to work with the CPY students.  Days are filled with numerous academic and enrichment activities; including reading and writing, arts and crafts, photo club, learning technology, and other various outdoor and indoor activities. Another important activity that happens daily is a family style lunch.   Here children learn the importance of eating together, all while learning valuable table manners.

Summer Intersession has always been a great opportunity to see personal growth in the CPY students and staff.  It is a place where children are able to build strong bonds with peers and mentors that last for years to come.