CPY Welcomes CCMP Programs

The CPY family welcomes the suite of programs launched by Community of Caring Monterey Peninsula (CCMP). Rooted in the same prevention-/mentoring-based model, CCMP’s experiential programs are a mission-aligned enhancement to CPY’s long-standing programs offering new collaborations and ways for communities to partner to support the success of youth and their families.


Monterey County College Challenge (M3C) (Elementary)
Monterey County College Challenge (M3C) 4th grade “future college graduates” participate in a one-day event on a community college campus to give them the experience of opportunities in post-secondary education – and the benefits to be gained from setting high goals early. With the help of on-campus, college student guides who come from the same communities, mentoring and inter-generational relationships are a powerful teaching tool and make the information provided relevant and relatable, reinforcing the possibilities available through higher education. M3C has provided college-bound inspiration to more than 3,000 students.


CHOICES (middle school)
Community leader volunteers share their wisdom with 8th grade students through two 45-minute, interactive, easy to deliver, decision-making workshops that take students through real-world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal setting. CHOICES causes a shift in students’ understanding, attitudes and motivation for learning. For some, CHOICES makes the difference between dropping out and staying in school to graduate. For others, it conveys for the first time the relevance of education to their future. To date, workshops have been delivered in nearly all secondary school districts in Monterey County reaching over 10,000 students! Join us through CHOICES and find out how you can volunteer and give back to your community during this school year!


PURSUIT Youth Expo (high school)
People. Purpose. Passion. PURSUIT Youth Expo is a one-day event full of interactive workshops and mentoring to encourage exploration, promote self-discovery and inspire action among High School (9th-12th grade) students. This is accomplished by connecting the youth to ideas, resources and organizations that have volunteer, intern and mentor opportunities. Community leaders engage students in networking practice and share how service has enhanced their own lives and careers. Service=Skills!


Introductory Career Skills Workshop Series (families)
The objective of the Career Skills Workshops is to provide basic skills that inspire the pursuit of meaningful work, continuing self-improvement and life-long learning towards aspirational career goals. The series of seven (7) weekly 90-minute workshops are designed to support Adult School English Learners and high school diploma students in acquiring basic self-/career-exploration and work-readiness skills necessary to pursue additional education or work aligned with their interests and skills. Workshops provide an understanding of how applicants can present their “best” self – on paper and in-person – when applying for work and on the job, will support students in identifying skills they can enhance or acquire to help the succeed in today’s competitive entry-level job market.